What Is Shipping Container Farming?

What Is Shipping Container Farming? There has been an upsurge in the medical cannabis and hemp grow trend and it is not hard to understand the reason. Consumers want to know the source of the medical grade product which gives them confidence in the seller. A local consumer is likely to trust the produce coming…

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Top 7 Vertical Farming Companies

Vertical farming refers to the practice of producing fruits and vegetables or cannabis vertically, in stacked layers, perhaps on many floors inside a building, using artificial lights instead of the sun, and a whole range of relatively new technologies. The three main reasons why it’s a much-discussed topic now is because: there are a number of…

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Advantages of Marijuana Grow Rooms

Advantages of Vertical Farms

Cannabis Grow Pods have been touted as the solution for the challenges that have been facing modern farming in the last couple of years. cannabis farming systems could offer a solution for the swelling human population. According to the United Nations Population Division, the world population is projected to grow up to 9.2 Billion in 2050. There…

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Micro Lab Farms Offers The Fastest, Most Efficient Pathway to Cultivate Cannabis

From CNBC News. Micro Lab Farms, a premier provider of fully automated turnkey systems for rapid production of legal cannabis, announced that it is offering four different units designed for specific applications. The company’s modular automated micro-farms can be fitted for cultivation, drying, cloning or custom uses. The Micro Lab “FlowerPod” is designed for cannabis cultivation, and…

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The Cannabis Technologist: Advantages of a Pod-Style Grow

The pursuit of the perfect growing facility is pushing innovation in agriculture. Cannabis presents unique challenges in the field of indoor growing, as the grow conditions required by each strain are as diverse as the strains themselves. Keeping the ideal conditions for each strain plus meeting the segregation requirements of compliance can be cumbersome and…

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