What Is Shipping Container Farming?

Shipping Container Farming

What Is Shipping Container Farming?

There has been an upsurge in the local food trend and it is not hard to understand the reason. Consumers want to know the source of the produce which gives them confidence in the seller. A local consumer is likely to trust the produce coming from a shipping container greenhouse compared to that which is coming from a big corporation. Any person who is savvy enough will know that there is a demand for local produce regardless of the state that you reside. In order to feed the demand for local produce, there is a need for local farming and this is where indoor farming comes into play.
There are different approaches that could be taken when it comes to growing food indoors with some being more effective than others. You can compare the different types of indoor farming so that you can have a holistic approach to the situation.

A Brief History on the Popularity of Local Produce

According to statistics, there has been a 70% drop in farms producing food in the United States since the 1930s. This means the majority of food that we consume is grown by giant corporations which only care about large scale production. Quality could be compromised in the process. Even with the trend, consumers have been leaning towards locally grown produce. Local produce contributed to 12 billion in sales in 2014 and the trend will only go upwards as more people become interested.

Shipping container Farming can work for anyone

If you’re thinking about being involved in agricultural production from a local perspective, container farming could be seen as the best solution. It has lowered the barrier to entry for even small scale farmers. There is improved productivity per square footage compared to traditional farming. There is automation in the farms which means you don’t have to depend a lot on labor for care and maintenance. This means you can focus on the business side of the project or pursue other interests as the maintenance will not take up most of your time.
Container farming could be ideal for both urban and rural settings. This because it functions as a standalone business and you only need the right container to get started. This makes it easier for both small and mid-size businesses to incorporate sustainable practices when it comes to agricultural production.

Even though having a farming background could give you an edge, the majority of container farmers are fairly new to the industry. You want to make sure you’re sourcing from a company that will provide both the hardware and software in order to be successful. The company should provide a complete turnkey system so that you don’t have to worry too much about the operation side of things. The container farm should be ready to start working out of the box and must have advanced indoor growing facility to ensure safe and efficient container farming. You can never go wrong should you decide to be a container farmer. For more information on container farming, you can check out http://www.microlabfarms.net/.
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